SRS-XB40: IN BASS WE MOVE - EXTRA BASS for Powerful Sound

Posted by Ian Smith on


With deep bass and lights that flash with the beat, this powerful wireless speaker takes the party whenever you go - even in the rain.




Sound is absolutely fantastic, the extra bass mode is really effective, but the sound quality without it will be fine for anybody anyway. The clarity of the sound is amazing for the price, the lighting can be turned off but while it's on it's alright, doesn't always flash in time but it's not a deal breaker.


Bought my dad this for his birthday after looking around at others,he absolutely loves it, the sound quality is amazing and the lights on it look are a excellent touch too.


This is a really high quality portable speaker, which can be felt in the build quality. It took no time to connect to both of our Apple and Android devices via blue tooth, and the playback on Spotify and Apple Music was impressive for a portable speaker. True to it's word, the base is noticeable, you can easily turn off the extra bass at the switch of a button. It's a compact speaker that can output sound at a high volume without it sounding tinny. What is fun about this speaker is the colour changing LED lights around the front, you can also link this with other speakers of this range, giving a 'stereo' effect. The unit comes with 'rechargeable' batteries and a plug charger. There is also a USB input which allows you to use this speaker as a power bank to charge your phone! These inputs are concealed in a compartment and protected when n transit. Due to it's size it's a little heavier but worth it for the sound quality. One charge claims to provide 24 hours when the lights are turned off, which is pretty good considering that it didn't take too long to charge. It also comes with a speaker phone for voice assist function which means you can use Siri or Google Now with it. I was able to get this speaker working without having to download the suggested mobile app. The mobile app gives you more features for configuring the speaker further.

No doubt about the sound signature, it's a clear stereo sound with slight bass feel. Maybe it's because the bass radiator is passive, however, with two of those i expected something little more punchy with air passage for woofer but because it'sIPX5 certified that wasn't possible . With low volume you can feel the extra bass with high volume it becomes clear stereo audio. Overall, it's still lot better than portable bluetooth speaker of it's range out their. Keep it up Sony!